TrafciBank Refund Policy
Every purchaser of digital items posted by Authors on TraficBank service has the right to receive a refund for the purchased item if the following conditions are met:

1. No more than 14 days have passed from the date of purchase
2. The buyer has provided evidence to the Product Author that the product purchased does not meet the buyer's expectations. Grounds for return include the following:
2.1 The Product's website contains information that is patently untrue. At the same time, the Buyer has studied the product and provided confirmation of this discrepancy.
2.2 The Digital Product was purchased by the Buyer by mistake, or due to unfair advertising by the Partners (Promises in advertisements that are not on the Product Site, Providing specific guarantees for achieving certain results by a particular user without indicating that all results are individual and may vary).
2.3 The Buyer categorically does not agree to the replacement of the purchased digital product with any other Author's product of similar subject matter.
2.4 The Buyer has all the data to prove that it was the Buyer who made the payment for the goods - no claims for refunds from third parties are accepted.
2.5 The amount of payment for the goods was more than 3 USD in equivalent. If the amount of payment is less than 3 USD in equivalent, the goods can only be replaced by a similar one.
2.6 Funds can only be returned to the payment method (bank card, e-wallet) by which the payment for goods was made.
2.7 The payment method by which the payment was made must belong directly to the Buyer.

3. For Products with recurring payments, you are entitled to a refund of the most recent recurring payment within 14 days. The refund of the recurring payment amount also instantly cancels the paid level of access to the purchased Goods.

3.1 There is a difference between a "Cancellation" of a recurring payment subscription and a "Refund". In case of "Cancellation" of subscription, all future recurring payments for the given Commodity are terminated, and the paid access to it is retained until the date when the next recurring payment should have been debited. At "Refund" - the Buyer shall be refunded for the nearest periodic payment made, all future payments for the Goods shall cease, and the paid access level shall be terminated immediately.

3.2 Buyers requesting a serial or recurring refund will be blocked from making further purchases. Buyers who violate the terms of use of the product may have their right of return revoked.

4. For digital products for which access cannot be revoked for technical reasons (PDF files, ZIP archives, web pages with access without a password and similar), subject to receipt of the declared product, a refund of 50% of the amount paid. Because the user still has full access to the product and can use it

4.1 For digital goods, access to which can be fully terminated on the Author's side, the Traficbank service fee of 14% + the payment system fee of up to 9% will be deducted when processing the refund. There may be additional fees depending on the selected payment method. The total fee for the return of goods with revocable access (those that do not fall under paragraph 4 of this Policy) will not exceed 30% of the value paid by the buyer.

5. Payment for Goods by Buyer on Traficbank service implies full and unconditional consent of Buyer to the terms of this Policy, as well as unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Offer Agreement for Buyers. The Offer is permanently available at this link:

This policy may be changed and amended at any time without notice to the Buyer. Buyer agrees to review this Refund Policy for itself BEFORE making a purchase (link is always available from any payment form or by link