"Privacy Policy" (hereinafter - the Policy) is a document that defines the order of processing, systematization and disclosure of information provided by Users of the Website, the Administrator, including their personal data, as well as contains information about the implemented requirements for the protection of personal data.


1.1 This Policy is an integral part of the website User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement), and specifies the procedure of processing and protection of personal information uploaded by the Users on the Website. The terms used in the Agreement apply to the Policy.

1.2 By registering on the Website, the User gives his consent to the processing of his personal data (personal information).

1.3 By personal information is meant the personal information uploaded by the User when going through the registration procedure on the Site, which includes:
- surname, first name, patronymic of the User;
- User's e-mail address;
- User's phone number;
- "Avatar" - a photo/logotype of the User uploaded through the functionality of the service
- User's wallet details, indicated by User to make payments for the Goods and/or remuneration.
- Other information related to a directly or indirectly identified or identifiable person (personal data subject), transmitted by the User while using the Site.

1.4 Any personal information uploaded by the User on the Site is perceived by the Site Administrator "as is" and is not subject to prior verification for accuracy. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the Site shall be borne by the User.

1.5. When disclosing or providing information the Administrator observes the requirements of confidentiality and security measures of personal data during their processing.

1.6. The site is operated via a secure connection SSL (protocol https), which is a cryptographic protocol, which implies a more secure communication of users with the site. The protocol uses asymmetric cryptography for exchange key authentication, symmetric encryption for confidentiality, message authentication codes for message integrity.


2.1 The purposes of the User's data processing are:
- To ensure the maximum quality of the services provided by the Contractor under the Agreement;
- Enabling the User to fully use the Services of the Website;
- Identifying the User when resolving disputes.

2.2 Processing of personal information is based on the principles of legality and fairness; processing only personal data that meet the purposes of processing; compliance of the content and amount of the processed personal data to the declared purposes of processing.

2.3 Processing of personal information is carried out for the purpose of ensuring full functionality of the Website, compliance of the Website, stated in the preamble of the Agreement, to the objectives.

2.4 The processed personal data shall not be redundant in relation to the declared purposes of its processing.


3.1 The User agrees that by completing the registration form on the Site, adding information to their account (profile), or elsewhere while using the Site, such information may become publicly available, and the User does not object to such publication. This rule does not apply to passport data of User and/or other personal data, including information about bank accounts, electronic wallets of User.

3.2 The Administrator shall not transfer personal data of Users to third parties, except for the cases, directly provided by the legislation and international agreements.

3.3 Provision of personal data of Users at the request of state bodies (local self-government bodies) shall be carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

3.4 The information posted on the Site by the User is kept for the entire term of the User's use of the Site, and, if the User's account is deleted, for the term determined by the Site Administrator, but not longer than 12 (Twelve) months from the date the respective account was deleted. The User's personal information shall be deleted upon the User's request, sent to the Administrator, within 30 (thirty) days upon the receipt of such request by the Administrator.


4.1 The Administrator shall take technical and organizational and legal measures to ensure the protection of personal data of the User from the unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other unauthorized actions.

4.2 In order to view the Site, you must not install any special technological or software tools on Users' computers that have been created specifically for this purpose.

4.3 In order to ensure security of personal data, the Administrator shall
- Determine threats to the security of personal data during their processing on the Site;
- Organizational and technical measures to ensure security of personal data during their processing on the Site;
- Information security tools, duly passed the conformity assessment procedure, are used;
- The effectiveness of the measures taken to ensure security of personal data is assessed;
- Procedures aimed at detection of facts of unauthorized access to personal data and taking appropriate measures are taken;
- Restoration of personal data modified or destroyed as a result of unauthorized access to such data is performed;
- The rules of access to personal data processed on the Website, as well as registration and accounting of all actions performed with personal data on the Website are established;
- ongoing control over measures taken to ensure security of personal data and the level of security of personal data information systems.

4.4 Administrator is not responsible for the actions of third parties who have access to the User's personal information as a result of unauthorized access to the Site, including through malware.


5.1 Cookies are files that the Site records in the memory of the User's device, through which the User visits the Site. Cookies are stored in the file directory of the browser (application software for viewing the Site). The next time the User visits the Site, the User's browser will read the contents of the cookie and transmit the data to the Site or to the element that recorded it.

5.2 In the process of registration on the Site additional cookies may be sent to the User's computer in order to avoid re-entering the User's name and/or password during the next visit. The User can delete them at the end of the session if it uses a public computer and does not want to disclose its nickname to the subsequent Users of the computer.

5.3 Cookies are used to improve the quality of services provided to Users by storing User preferences and tracking Users' actions, for example, when performing searches. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but the User can completely forbid the use of cookies or set up the display of notifications about their sending. You are hereby notified that without cookies, some of the Site's Services may not function properly. For example, accounting of affiliate conversions for the correct functioning of the affiliate program.

5.4 Whenever the User visits the Site, Executor's servers automatically record information that the User's browser transmits when visiting the pages of the Site. As a rule this information includes the requested page, the IP-address of the computer, type of the browser, language settings of the browser, date and time of the request, as well as one or more cookies, which allow to identify exactly the User's browser.

5.5 By accepting the User Agreement, the User gives their unconditional consent to the Contractor to use cookies. Visiting the Site by the User with a browser that accepts cookies is also regarded as an expression of consent of the User to the fact that the Contractor can use cookies. Responsible for obtaining consent to the use of cookies is the Contractor.

5.6 The main purpose of using cookies is to make the Site more convenient for the User. For the User to use the Site without delays, the Provider stores the data on the User's chosen language and country, authentication results when entering protected sections of the Site, information on the visited pages of the Site, User's preferences and settings and other similar information.

5.7 The files of cookies can be deleted by the User at any time, using the browser settings. The User also has the ability to disable cookies, which may have a negative impact on some services of the Site and will not allow you to take full advantage of all features of the Site.

5.8 Both session and permanent cookies are used on the Site. Session cookies remember information when you move from page to page to filter and search. They are deleted when you end your session visit to the Site. Persistent cookies allow the Site to identify the User the next time he or she visits the Site. They are retained until they are deleted or until a specified expiration date. Permanent cookie files stored on the User's device as a result of the User's use of the Site will in no case be stored longer than 3 years from the date of the User's last visit to the Site.

5.9 The User has the ability to disable the use of cookies at any time. In different browsers different ways to disable cookies are used, but usually the corresponding parameters are in the menu "Tools" or "Settings". Detailed information about how to disable cookies can be found in the help system of the browser used by the User. In addition to cookie management, browsers usually have tools to control other such files, such as local shared objects. One such means is privacy mode.

5.10. To disable access to cookies in the main, most common browsers the User should take the following steps:

5.10.1. In the browser "Internet Explorer": Tools -> Browser Properties -> Privacy -> Advanced. For more information the User should contact the support service of the company "Microsoft" or to the help of the browser.

5.10.2 In the browser "Firefox": Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> History -> your settings. For more information the User should contact the support service of the company "Mozilla" or the help of the browser.

5.10.3. In the browser "Chrome": Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Personal data -> Content settings. For more information the User should contact the support service of "Google" or the help of the browser.

5.10.4. In the browser "Safari": Settings -> Security. For more information the User should contact the support service of the company "Apple" or the help of the browser.

5.11. By disabling cookies, the User may lose access to some pages of the Site. In the case of removal of cookies from his browser the User can independently install special cookies, which will block further installation of cookies.

5.12. The Provider has the right to unilaterally make changes to the Privacy Policy


6.1 This document is publicly available, its current version is always located on the Site at the link - .

6.2 The text of this document is subject to change, supplemented in case of new legislative acts and special normative documents on processing and protection of personal data.

6.3 The Administrator - the person responsible for the security of personal data - shall control the implementation of the requirements of this document.